Ozg Finance is not a registered NBFC by Reserve Bank of India. We exclusively handle selected cases in Real Estate Financing.

Our Other Projects - 

1)  The District Finance Center -

This is a holistic project by Ozg Finance Group and Sudesh Foundation. We promote Development Finance & Economic Security, which is a part of poverty alleviation projects mainly for lower and middle-class households in India.

We primarily offer auxiliary financial services, virtual resources, subscriptions and awareness projects in association with various financial institutions. We operate as an extended resource arm of local financial institutions like banks, NBFC, MFI and fintech mobile apps. 

2) The Reserve Bank of India Compliance Group - 

This an open platform to connect with fellow DSA, bankers and legal professionals. The group helps its members to resolve queries on RBI compliance filings and discuss the guidelines/directions on regular basis. 

ODFC 🇮🇳 Western √ WhatsApp 💬 8850585672


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